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Designed for Today AND Tomorrow

Legrand PDUs are designed with innovative features and robust failsafes that ensure the most reliable power infrastructure possible, both now and for years to come.

C2G, a brand of Legrand, offers an assortment of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that are stocked and ready-to-ship to meet the needs of your environment. The rack-mount (horizontal) or zero RU (vertical) PDUs are perfect for distributing power to your IT equipment within a rack. With the Legrand line of PDUs you can choose from basic units to units that offer remote control and management of the strip. The PDUs are designed with either NEMA or IEC outlets and offer varying levels of functionality and form factors.
Color LCD on Networked Units

Each of the Legrand Networked PDUs feature a color LCD panel for clear visibility of the PDU attributes and allows for local management of the PDU.
Locking Outlets on C13 and C19 Receptacles

The locking outlet feature comes standard on many C13 and C19 configurations, which eliminate the need to purchase a separate locking power cord. The power cords are locked when inserted and are not removable until the orange button is depressed next to the outlet. Locking outlets accept all standard and locking power cords.
Quality Magneto-Hydraulic Breakers

Each Legrand PDU is built with high quality magneto-hydraulic breakers. These thermal breakers adjust the magnetic trip curve as the temperature goes up, allowing the circuit to be properly tripped in hotter environments.
Rotatable Cord

Many vertical (zero RU) PDUs feature a rotatable cord that allows for the cord to exit out of three sides of the PDU depending on the rotation—simplifying the installation process.
Acessories: Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Electronic Door Handle

Add value to your networked PDU system—including temperature and humidity sensors and an electronic door handle.